55 years old. He has been wearing a toupee since he became a bank manager. When someone who has seen him bald appears, he hides and changes his voice. At Christmas he travels to Peru to try Ayahuasca. He wants to see his inner animal. Inner animal = chicken


38 years old. Lifeguard in water park. He hates the beach and the sand. So much that the day he found this job he doesn’t want anything else. Wants to travel to aquapizza in italy. People think it’s a joke since 2017


44 years old, he claims to be a connoisseur of art and antiques but he has only seen «Storage Wars» and has read one book about paintings. He lives with his mother but does not tell anyone. He cries every weekend


51 years old. School cook. She thought it would fill the void of not having children (she has not even had a husband) and now she spits in the students’ food and is hooked on Turkish soap operas. She wants to hook up with the janitor.


31 years old. He might as well be called “Pinky”. He got that name in prison (don’t ask why). He’s out now and looking for better things to keep him out of jail, like make a sprinkle factory. Bad bad Jared.


49 años. He loves collecting bugs, nobody knows why. He doesn’t talk much, but when he opens his mouth he spouts very scary phrases. He is strangely sexy.


49 years old. Portuguese translator. Loves the language, the culture… but has never been to Brazil. Learned from a Brazilian roommate. Wants to start Japanese. Now he’s looking for a new roommate.


41 years old. Music manager. Very very good at what she does, she knows 4 languages, she knows anything. No one has seen her interact with anyone other than work. She has been saying “I’ll take a break”
Since 2001…


49 years old. Director of photography. He has a sixth sense for understanding framing. He arrives at the shoot and says “like this, like this and like that” 3 minutes of work, which for many is weeks. And he leaves the set. He is an enlightened being.


45 years old. Nursing home caretaker. He loves working with old men and women because it makes him feel young. He makes friends with the elderly and even almost had an affair with Magda (79 years old).


 32 years old. Mechanic. He loves motorcycles and quads… his dream is to restore a ’77 Shelby, but he lives in a lost town in Guanajuato… He has “pistones de sangre” tattooed on his chest.


42 years old. He works in a pawn shop where he stands aside and watches treasure after treasure pass by while he gives his lack-of-good advice to customers that come in. He is waiting for his big chance to rob the shop of all the choice treasures when (he thinks) nobody is looking…


36 years old (he looks much older, he knows it and people remind him of it) he has been looking for a partner on dating apps for 6 years and that has made him have the same cats as love failures. He recently saw a Chinese guy marry a pillow and no longer sees it as crazy.


42 years old. He was a hipster 13 years ago and to this day he still thinks he is one. Once someone told him that he had an interesting look and now he always has a smoldering gaze and a little smirk as if there are people watching him. His mother and his brothers laugh at his photos on family gatherings.


42 years old. Occultist. She hates being cooped up in her store …. She’s about to visit Canada and knows she’s not coming back. She saw «Into the Wild» and thinks she’s the main character. Good people when she’s calm or hungover.


26 years old. He wants to be different and cool and has dyed his hair red. But he did it alone in the bathroom without reading the instructions and he burned his forehead. Now he is forced to wear a headband, which is completely stuck to the wound.


33 years old. TV presenter. He is well known in the community for his do-it-yourself program. Everyone takes pictures with him. His dream is to live in Norway. He doesn’t leave his village because he thinks people need him. The reality is that he doesn’t get paid enough to leave.


(?) she never told her age. Legend says she may be 60, but her tea tricks and mixes keep her young. There is a movement called #howmuchbela running on the internet to guess it.


49 years old. Painter, musician, dancer, poet and anything that helps him to copulate. He watches gay porn but says it’s for inspiration…


16 years old. She’s intense. She plays the cello by whacking it on people she doesn’t like and eats a lot of Chips Ahoy. She gets into chat rooms to talk about God.

“Shiny Queen”

33 years old. He gave himself the nickname when he saw it on the internet. He doesn’t know it’s the name of a porn actress. Gives advice that he doesn’t follow (like not stalking former lovers)


29 years old. He once sat next to Bruce Springsteen and now he says they are friends. The glasses are not for seeing and it wasn’t Bruce. He was drunk and he mistook him for someone else.


44 years old. Film critic. Actually a critic of everything, he hasn’t said anything good about anyone in 4 years. Maybe his wife cheating on him with his brother has something to do with it.


38 years old. Cattle rancher. He loves animals, talks to them, gets along amazingly with them… the other day he lost at poker against a duck…. dangerous.


34 years old. Son of rich parents, goes to NGOs to help, but leaves the second day saying that he needs to solve some problems in the company. Company problems = go to Ibiza to spend 10k dollars.


49 years old. Real estate agent. A shark in finance and sales. He is trained every day in personal and business development. Has an SUV that he doesn’t know how to drive but thinks it gives him more status.


35 years old. She is a computer scientist to make her parents happy. She dreams of living in Bali and burning down the office where she works. Good listener. Bakes cookies for people to make them like her.


35 years old. She is a computer scientist to make her parents happy. She dreams of living in Bali and burning down the office where she works. Good listener. Bakes cookies for people to make them like her.


41 years old. Activist. Incongruent. He goes to drug protests with a white nose and gives you a sermon if you don’t recycle and then drives a car that pollutes more than a Chinese factory… Good boy Marlon!


44 years old. Electrician. Tired of life. He spends his afternoons thinking about retirement and where he is going to go on a trip. He has put his savings in bitcoins, but he didn’t write down the password and forgot it. He keeps dreaming about his trips.


44 years old. Geography teacher. She has half of her house wallpapered with pictures of Dennis Quaid. She saw him in the movie «Contact» and she felt he was for her. Mr. Quaid, the harassment complaints and his lawyers don’t think the same.


52 years old. Mayor of his town. Son of another mayor and grandson of a mayor… he is quite happy even if you never see him. You can meet him for real at the Christmas dinner, where he drinks and the «real dan», a locomotive, comes out….


44 years old. Math teacher in a poor neighborhood. She says she loves it but would like to kill half the kids. In her village group she is the cool one because she was the first one to have satisfyer.


41 years old. Motivational coach. He just repeats Tony Robbins phrases and makes a seductive face. In private he tells black jokes and smokes weed.


28 years old. Mechanic in his father’s workshop. He has a marijuana plantation in his grandmother’s house but it smells so much of sweat that no one ever said anything. He does not see out of one eye.


42 years old. Butcher. He has his own store. He took a creative cooking course and he thinks he’s the chef Ramsay. Hates his brother-in-law who works with him.


44 years old, Walmart stock boy. He divorced his wife, and realized he had no friends. Now he wants to live experiences and has signed up for bachata.


30 years old. English teacher. Daughter of rich parents… she doesn’t know how to do anything but she knows languages. She knows she has a huge inheritance… she has hired a girl who looks like her to take her place. She goes to Las Vegas every 3 months to bust her wallet and her liver.


49 years old. Ranchera singer. Insatiable worker, and a wasted talent. He sings amazingly, but he is afraid of the stage. He is satisfied with coins. He is a being of light


45 years old. Thriller writer. Very famous and recognized. He goes to hospitals to ¨help¨ old people… Someday someone will discover that his books are based on the stories of those old people… He has been stealing stories since his first bestseller.


29 years old. Crossfit instructor, with a bad temper. Clients ask who teaches the class so as not to see her. In reality she is simple and sweet, but only her sister who caught her singing Ed Sheeran knows that.


50 years old. He has been 50 years old for 4 years. Judicious and angry all the time. He spares your life every time he looks at you. Nobody ever invites him but he is always everywhere.


37 years old. Herbalife consultant. She learned English, French and German traveling around the world. One day she found pyramid selling. Now she lives inside the pyramid… and has no windows.


35 years old. Dj techno of German descent. She wears glasses but they are without glass. She has a very normal accountant boyfriend who does not label in photos. They have a fight about it every weekend.


33 years old. Luxury Hotel Reservations Agent. He is a face yoga activist since he bought an online course to get rid off his double chin and it worked. He has eyes of two different colors but people can absolutely notice it only on cloudy days, and it dissapoint him a little bit.


38 years old. TV producer. She works in local channels and 24/7. She works so hard that she can’t remember how old she is or if she has eaten. Even so, she is never alone, she is accompanied by her best friend… stress.


49 years old. Yoga instructor. He loves his job and especially women in leggings. There hasn’t been a month that he hasn’t met with a client. Lives with his sister and never does the dishes.


49 years old. Ambulance driver. He loves his job. He was a police officer, firefighter, and royal guard. When he can turn on the siren, his hair stands on end. He has a picture of himself dressed in his cousin’s military suit as his wallpaper.


26 years old. Economist. One of those people who have a brilliant brain. He knows how to memorize things and has curious facts about everything. When he gets drunk he turns into Tom Cruise, adventurer and flirt. Mr Hyde they call him in the office.


55 years old. Bass player in a Led Zeppelin tribute band. He always liked Phil Collins but doesn’t say anything. He likes curvy girls and to be dominated by them.


25 years old. Makeup artist. She wanted to be an actress and nothing. She wanted to be a director and nothing… She uses the hastahg #ilovemywork when she really wants to put #iwanttoburneverything.


50 years old. Amazon package clerk. Very nice guy but weirder than a Chinese man pumping gas. His dream is to travel to Costa Rica but he is afraid of spiders. Has been looking at pictures for 10 years


21 years old. Poet. She has an instagram profile in which a poem of hers went viral. She speaks as if she were a star. Now she wants to make the leap to acting. She has an audition for theater, she doesn’t know it’s a scam to steal 1000 dollars from her.


34 years old. Computer scientist. He is passionate about cooking. He wants to go to masterchef but his hands are too sweaty and he thinks he will slip a frying pan in front of the country. He is a very good person. But he has bad friends.


38 years old. Accountant. Wants to be funny but doesn’t get it. A need for attention that hurts to watch. He’s signed up for parkour and thinks he’s going to make the leap to fame. But the leap will be to pathos. I repeat 38 years old


31 years old. Volleyball player. She is 1.90 m tall since she was 14 years old. She is tired of you asking her silly questions about how a tall person lives… she wants to go to live in the USA, and feel normal. She is always helping people by taking things from shelves.


24 years old. Opponent to singer. X Factor, La Voz, Mask Singer and 11 other TV shows he has attended. His overdone style doesn’t work. People know him as the «almost».


43 years old. Insurance salesman. One of the best salesmen in his area, nobody knows how he does it… he comes into the house and leaves with the deal done. There are conspiracy theories about him. Pure magnetism


46 years old. Human resources. Very good at his job, in Russia he worked in the KGB as a detective… he has a gift for studying people’s behavior. Everyone thinks he’s an URSSR assassin.


46 years old. Graphic artist. He is in charge of finding material of talented young people and he copies it. He has been doing this for 5 years, and has even stolen a drawing from his nephew. He has dyed his hair wrong 7 times.


33 years old. She discovered makeup 2 months ago. Clearly she’s never heard the expression «less is more» because she has a cake face just to grab her mail. She decided to start a beauty blog of tips and it has become more of a meme than a serious page.


7 years old. Actually she is 26 but she was born on February 29th and she never misses a chance to say it. She even has an association for people «like her». She likes ASMR.


49 years old. Hostel concierge. She thinks she lives in a sitcom and laughs effusively every time almost anything happens. If she had been a spy she would have been the best with her ability to gossip.


38 years old. Accountant. Wants to be funny but doesn’t get it. A need for attention that hurts to watch. He’s signed up for parkour and thinks he’s going to make the leap to fame. But the leap will be to pathos. I repeat 38 years old


33 years old. Cartoonist. He works in 6 newspapers, he can’t make a living and earns less than 1k a month… addicted to tinder and onlyfans. sometimes he draws torturous and macabre things, which he keeps in a drawer. The worst thing is that it’s real angry art.


39 years old. Carpenter. He has 4 daughters and is doing well. He thinks something is going to happen to them all the time. He is so unfocused and has 3 fingers of his hand stitched. And his thumb 2 times in a row.